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What does an immigration lawyer do?

The UK immigration system is incredibly complex, which is why it is often recommended that you seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer to help you with your immigration issue. Find out more about immigration process and exactly what immigration lawyers do.

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    What do immigration lawyers do?

    Immigration lawyers are trained specifically in the area of immigration law and their job is to assist clients through the immigration system. The UK immigration system is complex, and the issues that immigration lawyers assist with are vast. They can include assistance with visa applications, citizenship applications and asylum claims as well as more complex issues such as complications in family law surrounding immigration status’s, immigration detention and deportation and human rights claims.

    As well as providing services for those who wish to enter the UK or emigrate from another country to the UK, immigration lawyers can also assist businesses with their immigration needs, this includes help with sponsor licence applications and renewals so that a company can hire overseas workers, as well as assistance with a variety of business visa applications.

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    Application assistance

    One of the main roles of an immigration lawyer is to assist with immigration applications. There are a wide range of immigration applications that range from student, work and visitor visas to applications for settlement or British citizenship, our lawyers assist with all of these legal matters.

    UK immigration applications can be very complicated, time-consuming and expensive. It can be easy to make a mistake and if you do, your application could be rejected. Seeking the assistance of an immigration lawyer to support you with your application will give you a much higher chance of success. This is because an immigration lawyer has the knowledge and experience required to understand exactly what it takes for an application to be successful.

    If you hire one of our immigration lawyers to assist you with an application, they can provide full legal representation and a range of services tailored to your needs. They can save you time by filling in any necessary paperwork for you and submitting application forms on your behalf, can answer any questions you may have about the application process and can liaise with the Home Office whilst your application is being processed.

    One of the most important parts of an immigration application is the supporting documents that you submit alongside your application. Your portfolio of supporting evidence needs to be substantial, as this is what is used to prove that you meet all the requirements, however, the guidance on exactly what you need to submit can be vague. An immigration lawyer has in-depth knowledge about the documents needed and can help you to gather them and to create a substantial portfolio of evidence.

    When assisting you with an application, a lawyer will also write you a detailed Letter of Representation, this will support your application and greatly increase your chances of success.


    Immigration advice

    When it comes to navigating the immigration system, it can become overwhelming easily. With so many types of visas, immigration statuses and immigration laws that vary depending on your circumstances, many are unsure where to even begin their immigration journey or how to go about solving the problem they face. Our lawyers know that every immigration issue is different, which is why they offer bespoke advice sessions tailored to your specific circumstances.

    Because of their extensive training in immigration law, another main aspect of the job of our immigration lawyers at law school is to offer professional and reliable legal advice to those who are not trained in the in’s and outs of the immigration system.

    An immigration lawyer can speak with you about your circumstances and goals and can advise you about the best immigration options for your situation. During an advice session, an immigration lawyer will speak with you in-depth about your situation and what you are trying to achieve, they will take you through each of your options in detail and advise you about the next steps in legal career that you can take. Our advice sessions are untimed and you can ask your immigration lawyer any questions that you may have.

    If you are facing a human rights issue, an immigration lawyer can use their knowledge of the criminal law, to let you know whether you have a viable case during an advice session. Our lawyers offer urgent appointments for cases like this.

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      Appeal services

      Unfortunately, the Home Office may reject your immigration application. They may do this due to a mistake in the application or a lack of supporting evidence. Hiring a lawyer to assist you with your initial application will decrease the chance of refusal, but if your application does get refused then an immigration lawyer can still assist you.

      When you receive your refusal letter, it should state whether you have a right to appeal. The appeal process can seem daunting, but an immigration lawyer can be there to help you through it. With our full business immigration and appeal services, we can assess your eligibility for appeal, help you to gather the documents and evidence that you will need and will represent you at the full hearing before a tribunal if necessary.

      Document and application checking

      As mentioned above, applications can be rejected by the Home Office if they contain mistakes or a lack of supporting evidence. This type of refusal can be common, which is why another important service that many immigration lawyers provide is document and application checks.

      Using their legal expertise, an immigration lawyer can thoroughly examine your application and ensure that there are no mistakes in the application form. They can also check that you have all of the necessary supporting documents and that these are accurate. Having your application checked by a professional immigration advisor can be the difference between it being accepted or rejected.

      Immigration lawyers

      Is it worth getting an immigration lawyer?

      When it comes to seeking help with an an immigration status issue, many people wonder whether it is worth getting an immigration lawyer. The services of an immigration lawyer can be costly and in most circumstances hiring an immigration lawyer is not a legal requirement. However, hiring an immigration lawyer can actually save you a lot of money as well as time and stress.

      This is because immigration applications are expensive and time-consuming, if your application is rejected, you won’t get your money back. Instead, tax law, you will have to pay to apply again and spend more time on the application or on an appeal. If you choose to hire an immigration lawyer, you will have the best chance of getting it right the first time.

      Ultimately, an immigration lawyers job is to use their legal expertise to make your immigration journey easier. Whether it be assisting you with a visa or nationality application, advising you about nationality law and your options for migrating to or from the UK or even acting as your representative through an appeal case, there are many ways in which an immigration lawyer can support you.