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UK Fiance Visa: What if You Fail to Marry Within 6 Months?

If you fail to marry within 90 days on a UK fiance visa then you could have to return to your home country to reapply. However, there is the possibility of applying for a visa extension if you have valid reason why the marriage did not take place.

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    The UK Fiance Visa

    The Fiance visa allows an foreign national to marry a British citizen or settled person in the UK.

    The marriage or civil partnership should take place within six months of being granted entry clearance to the UK and the Fiance Visa essentially expires once this date has been reached.

    Once married the Fiance Visa holder can apply for a UK spouse visa and eventually Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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    What if you fail to get married within six months?

    According to UK immigration law it is possible to apply for an in-country extension if your marriage or civil partnership did not take place within the required six month period. The extension will only be granted if there is valid or exceptional circumstances why it was not possible to be wed.

    The extension can be granted for a further six months and you will be required to provide supporting documents to show the marriage has been rearranged to your UK based partner. You will also need to continue to meet all the initial criteria required to qualify for a UK fiance visa and that you apply for an extension before your current fiance visa expires.

    You may wish to seek the advice of a immigration lawyer before applying for a UK fiance visa extension to avoid a potential refusal or any delays.

    Making an Entry Clearance application

    If you fail to get married within six months and are unable to apply or have been refused an extension to the UK fiance visa, then it is possible to your home country and re-apply for entry as a fiancé.

    As well as still meeting all the requirements for the UK fiance visa you will need to explain why you did not get married during your time in the UK and show that you still have good intents to wed.

    In particular, immigration officials will require strong evidence that you are in a genuine relationship.

    Eligibility Criteria for UK Fiance Visa Application

    In order to be granted a UK Fiance Visa or proposed civil partner visa then you should met the following UK Fiance Visa requirements:

    • You and your partner must both be over the age of 18
    • Your fiance must be already living in the UK as a settled person or British citizen
    • You and your partner must have met each other in person at least once before the date of starting your application process for a UK Fiance Visa
    • You must be planning to get married within six months
    • You must both intend to live together permanently after the marriage or civil partnership;
    • You must both be able to sustain yourselves and your dependants financially without the aid of public funds
    • You must meet the maintenance condition, meaning that your partner must be earning a minimum of £18,600 per annum to sponsor you
    • You must have suitable accommodation available for you and any family member
    • You must pass an accredited English language test or provide a valid certificate to demonstrate your knowledge of the written and spoken language

    What Should I do if my Fiance Extension Application is Refused?

    If you fail to demonstrate that you are in a genuine relationship or that you qualify for all the eligibility criteria, your application for an extension may be delayed or even rejected.

    If you wish to challenge the UKVI’s decision, our team of London immigration lawyers are here to help you through the process of appealing to the court. If necessary, we can also represent you at the full hearing before the tribunal, and liaise with the authorities until your case is solved.

    Meeting the ‘Genuine Relationship’ Test

    A crucial part of any application for a UK Fiance Visa or extension is demonstrating you are in a ‘genuine relationship’ and rather than a new relationship, this is a long-term committed arrangement which will lead to a lasting marriage rather than a failed marriage.

    As part of the application process you will need to fulfil UK immigration rules that require you to be in “genuine and subsisting” relationship and this can be done by providing a range of supporting documents.

    Supporting Documents to Prove your Relationship is Genuine

    These documents will help to demonstrate the nature of your relationship as well as the history of how you met and how your relationship came about,

    Examples of documents you can include with your UK Fiance Visa application include:

    • Evidence of a shared bank account and/or savings in the form of bank statements
    • A joint tenancy agreement or mortgage
    • Text messages or social media chats between both you and your partner
    • Evidence of gifts bought for one another or cash savings exchanged
    • Evidence of children you have had together and you should provide birth certificates

    If you fail to provide enough supporting evidence, it is highly likely that your application will be refused, however, it is important you do not create or falsify information to strengthen your case.

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      How can London Immigration Lawyers Help?

      Our immigration lawyers are experienced when it comes to assisting with Fiance and Spouse Visas , they know exactly what it takes for an application to be successful and can give you the best chance of success.

      One of the most difficult aspects of the application process is meeting the strict requirements. Our lawyers will help you to do this. We can advise you about whether you need to take an English language test, which test to take and how to book it. We can also help you to meet the other requirements, this includes helping you evidence your relationship and assisting you with gathering a substantial portfolio of documents to support your application.

      To find out more about how our lawyers can assist you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by calling 020 4502 8582.

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