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Tracking the Status of A UK Visa Application

Tracking the progress of your UK visa application is crucial, especially if you have limited time for a decision. Whether you have applied to extend your visa or switch to a particular visa category from within or outside the UK, this guide provides information on how to track your application’s status.

Also, if you need help with your visa application, reach out to us today. We are a team of experienced, reliable, and affordable immigration lawyers ready to help you with your UK visa application and reduce your UK visa waiting times.

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    Tracking the status of your application inside the UK 

    Most applications are now through the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS). These visa types include leave extension to remain in the UK, applications to switch to another visa category, and settlement and citizenship applications.

    The UK Home Office formed the UKVCAS to hasten the processing of visa applications. And during the application process, you are expected to attend your appointments, provide biometric information, and submit supporting documents.

    However, you won’t receive a decision at your UKVCAS appointment. Your visa application and supporting documents will be transferred to UKVI for application processing. The UKVI, responsible for the UK’s visa system, also allocates a case worker to a specific application when a decision needs to be made.

    If you have previously submitted a visa application and want to track your UK visa status, visit the GOV.UK website for more information. The website now offers a visa processing times service that allows applicant monitor the progress of their visa application online. Note that tracking your individual visa application online is out of the question, but you can confirm which department you need to contact for your application.

    All you need to do is use an online tool and answer a few questions about your application. One information you’d need to provide is the case reference number you received when you submitted your application. Once that’s completed, you’d receive the contact details for the different departments at UKVI.

    Since there are no ways to track your UK visa status online, you can contact the department in charge of processing your application. You can contact UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) to check your application status. It is the body in charge of processing UK visas application.

    Although you’re allowed to ask for updates about your application, you won’t receive any advice on handling any personal situation. The UKVI contact line is 0300 790 6268.

    You can always reach them via phone on Monday to Thursday (9:00 a.m to 16:45) and on Fridays (9:00 a.m to 16:30). The call cost ranges between 16p to £3.60 per minute.

    Tracking the status of your application outside the UK 

    If you submitted your application outside the UK, you’d be required to submit your biometric information at a visa application centre in your country of residence. However, only the UKVI can decide the status of your application.

    You can get in touch with the UKVI on the decision of your application, but it would cost you some money. For the initial email, you will be charged £2.74 and other follow-up emails will incur around the same cost.

    Another option is to contact an English-speaking helpline on +44 (0) 300 790 6268, which will be available 24 hours daily, from Mondays to Fridays. However, the call will cost 69p per minute.

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    What Are the Requirements for Tracking Your Visa Status?

    To track your application status, you will need to provide the following details:

    Your Case ID (Case Identification Number)

    Your case ID is an 8-digit number and will be on all the letters you receive from the UKVI. E.g., 45382175

    Payment Reference Number

    You will get a reference number after making payment for your visa application. You can use this number to track the status of your visa application. Your payment reference number should look similar to this: “AG1234567890/456”

    Your 16-Digit Application Number

    This is a unique 16-digit number associated with your visa application. This number will be on all the emails and letters you receive from the UKVI.

    Biometric Residence Permit Number

    You can find this combination of numbers and letters on your biometric residence permit.

    Immigration Health Surcharge number

    If you paid for the NHS health surcharge when you submitted your application, you’d get a number after payment. The number will be a combination of letters and numbers that’ll appear like IHS126745389.

    With UKVI’s enhanced services, the above details will be provided to you, and you can use them to track your visa status form.

    Can I Speed Up The Process of My UK Visa Status?

    It is possible to get a decision on your visa application within five working days, but it only applies to the following visas:

    • SET (LR)
    • SET (AF)
    • SET (M)
    • SET (F)

    You’d have to download and complete the requests and payment forms from the UKVI. The only requests accepted are the first five requests received from Monday to Thursday (between 8 a.m and midday). In addition to the main application fee, this service costs £490 per individual. You can pay with your credit or debit card, and all payment details will be sent to you.

    One frustrating part of submitting a visa application to the UKVI is the waiting time. And quick online research about the processing and waiting times for your specific visa can be frustrating as well. This is because people will have varying reports, with some saying theirs was done in a few weeks whilst others saying it took months to receive confirmation.

    How Does Premium Processing Work?

    If you need a faster decision on your application, you can pay for premium processing or a priority service when you submit your application. You can check your application type for any available priority services. If you’re applying outside the UK, you can check with the visa application centre where you plan to make your application.

    For a faster decision and an additional cost, you’d have two premium processing options available to you – the five working day service and the next working day super priority service. These service time frames will begin from when you complete your appointment to when you provide your biometric information. However, these times do not include the time it takes to issue your biometric residence permit (BRP), usually seven working days after a decision has been made on your application.

    If you attend a super-priority service appointment on a Saturday or Sunday, your appointment will be assumed to have been attended on the next working day. For instance, an interview on either of these days will be attended to on Monday, after which the decision on your visa application will be concluded by the end of the next working day.

    What Can Delay A UK Visa Application?

    Your UK visa application can be decided with the usual times, the standard or premium processing time. You get your visa during the standard processing time if your visa application is straightforward and decisions can be made without being asked for more information. If you pay for faster decision-making, you will receive your visa within the premium processing times.

    However, if your UK visa application status is more complex, the standard and premium processing times might not be enough, and you’d need to wait for a longer decision. During the waiting time, you’ll receive a mail directing you on what to do next if your application is delayed.

    Also, if you applied for a priority or super priority visa and UKVI cannot meet the deadline for priority services, your application would still be a priority. UKVI will still strive to process your visa application within the standard global timescales.

    If you’re made to wait longer, you can request a refund of the additional fee you paid for premium processing time.

    UK visa applications are delayed for several reasons. One could be because the visa application centre needs to verify your documents, or you need to attend another interview. It could also be due to personal circumstances, such as criminal convictions or adverse immigration history.

    Other factors could be the backlogs UKVI experiences in their visa application centre and the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Your visa application status will undergo assessment following the general requirements under the UK immigration rules and the required specific eligibility criteria. If your application has insufficient supporting evidence, or there’s a probability that you don’t quite satisfy the requirements to remain in or come to the UK, further investigations may be conducted.

    Similarly, if you’ve been asked to provide supporting documentation for your UK visa application, or you feel concerned about attending an interview, seek expert advice from an immigration specialist.

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      Need Assistance Tracking Your Visa Status? Here's How London Immigration Lawyer Can Help

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      We would help you track your visa application status and keep the communication line open throughout the entire process.

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