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Spouse Visa Fees 2023

If you are applying for a UK Spouse visa then it is vital to be aware of what costs are involved in applying.

Our experienced immigration lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you with any Spouse visa application.

If you want to find out more about how to apply for a Spouse or Partner Visa, we can help you. Our London immigration lawyers are perfectly positioned to assist you with advice, visa applications or appeal support.

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    Spouse Visa Fees

    It can be a lengthy and complicated process applying for a UK Spouse visa so you need to ensure you send the Home Office all the relevant supporting documents otherwise you could risk delays or having to resubmit – which could involves paying spouse visa fees again.

    Spouse visa applications are subjected to in-depth scrutiny by immigration services, especially because of concerns about “non-genuine” marriages and therefore, it could be worth seeking the advice of a immigration lawyer before applying to ensure you do not end up paying unnecessary charges.

    The way in which you make a spouse visa application can also impact on the total cost of the visa with different fees based on whether you apply from inside the United Kingdom or from outside the UK.

    There are also additional spouse visa application fees if you opt to use the priority visa service to speed up the processing of your visa application.

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    How much does a Spouse Visa cost?

    The cost of a UK spouse visa in 2023 is £1,538 for applications made from outside the UK. For those applying from with the UK and with an already existing valid UK visa then the cost is £1,048.

    Once granted the spouse visa allows partners to stay in the UK for 30 months, although it is possible to apply for an extension for a further 2.5 years. The cost of a spouse visa UK extension in 2023 is £1,033.

    If you are planning to bring a family member or dependents then it costs an additional £1,538 each if applying outside the UK or £1,048 if applying within the UK.

    Paying for faster UK visa processing times

    If you wish to speed up the time it takes to process a spouse visa application then you can pay additional fees and get a decision quickly.

    The Home Office offer a priority visa service that costs £500 and means you’ll hear back within five working days on whether the partner visa has been granted.

    There is also the option of a super priority service which costs £1000 but means a decision will be made the end of the next working day if you have a UK immigration centre appointment on a weekday.

    You are not able to use the UK immigration app to prove your identity if you apply via a quick priority service and you must attend a face-to-face appointment within the UK to submit your biometric information.

    If you need any guidance or support in your Spouse Visa application, call us today. Get in touch

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      Additional costs of a Visa Spouse application

      As well as the initial spouse visa UK fee, there are also a number of other costs that will need to be paid to allow you and your partner to live together within the UK.

      These additional charges may include the following:

      Immigration Health Surcharge fee

      You might need to pay a immigration health surcharge as part of the application process. This gives you access to UK healthcare. If your visa is for granted for more than a year, you’ll have to pay:

      • the yearly cost plus half the yearly cost, if it’s for 18 months or less
      • the cost of 2 full years, if it’s for more than 18 months but less than 2 years

      The cost of the application for the spouse visa in 2023 is £1,538 for applications made outside the UK. The fee is £1,048. for applications made from inside the UK.

      Supporting document translation costs

      The Home Office will not accept documents supporting your spouse visa application, such as bank statements, birth certificates or degree certificates, unless they are in English or Welsh. On average, it can cost £60 to translate a one page document.

      Tuberculosis test

      Depending on your nationality you may be required to take a tuberculosis test before you come to the UK. This test can cost up to £110 and you will need to travel to an approved centre in order for the test to be processed.

      Cost of English language test

      Unless exempt, you must take an approved English language test designed for the purposes of UK visas and immigration. You will be required to submit evidence of passing the test and demonstrating a sufficient level of English language skills.

      Reasons for exemption include:

      • You are aged 65 years or older
      • You are unable to do an English exam due to a long-term physical or mental condition
      • You are a citizen of a majority English speaking country
      • You have an academic degree that was taught or researched in English

      Converting a spouse visa to ILR

      The next step after being granted a spouse visa it is possible to apply for indefinite leave to remain. This means you can work, study and not be subjected to immigration rules.

      Eligibly criteria to convert the spouse visa includes:

      • Lived in the UK for at last five years with their sponsor
      • Passed the Life in the UK test
      • Not broken any immigration laws while in the country
      • Can prove they are of good character and do not have any unspent criminal conviction
      • Not spent longer than 180 days overseas in the 12 months prior to their application

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You need documents that prove you have met the requirements of your current spouse visa and that you will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

                  You must provide documents that prove you meet the financial, English language, accommodation, and genuine relationship requirements.

                  Examples of Spouse Visa extension documents include:

                  • Financial requirements: Bank statements, job contracts, offers of employment, wage slips
                  • English language requirements: IELTS certificate, degree, passport
                  • Genuine relationship requirements: Photographs, receipts, messages, shared bank account details
                  • Accommodation requirements: A lease, mortgage plan, tenancy agreement, utility bill

                  For more on the documentation required for a spouse visa, please refer to our UK spouse visa document checklist.

                  You can apply for an extension of your Partner Visa any time before your current visa expires. Once your current visa expires, you will usually have 30 days grace period to apply for an extension. If you don’t apply for this during this time, and you don’t leave the UK, you will be in breach of UK immigration laws.

                  This means you will be classed as an overstayer. This can result in immediate detention or deportation and means that you may not be eligible for future immigration applications (like ILR) unless there are extenuating circumstances.

                  Spouse Visa extensions are relatively straightforward to process, so you should have a decision on your application within three weeks after it is submitted.

                  However, the process of finding and gathering your supporting evidence, as well as completing your forms and taking any necessary tests (such as an English language test) can take time. This means the entire Partner/Spouse Visa renewal process usually takes around two-three months from start to finish.

                  You are eligible to take up work while living in the UK with a Spouse Visa. This means you can take on employment at a UK company, be self-employed, or earn an income via property or stock investments.

                  You cannot, however, claim any kinds of benefits on a Spousal Visa as you have no recourse to public funds.

                  If a Partner Visa is refused, you can either appeal (if you have grounds) or make a fresh application.

                  To lodge an appeal, you can present your case to an immigration judge. You are eligible to appeal if you feel the decision was genuinely unfair, or that your visa was refused because a mistake was made by a legal representative.

                  An appeal can be made on paper, or in person. In both cases, an independent immigration judge will review your case and decide whether to overturn or agree with the original decision. Your case will be heard at a Tribunal hearing, which you will likely need to attend.

                  If you do not have grounds for appeal – as is the case if you make a mistake in your form yourself, or UKVI judges your application to have insufficient evidence – you can make a new application instead.

                  For more information, please refer to our spouse visa refusal page.

                  When applying for a Spouse Visa application, the Home Office will assess whether you meet the ‘genuine relationship’ criteria and whether your relationship is real and long-lasting. 

                  You will be asked to submit documents to help prove you and your partner are in a relationship.

                  Examples of documents you can use include:

                  • Evidence of a shared bank account and/or savings
                  • A joint tenancy agreement or mortgage
                  • Text messages or social media chats
                  • Evidence of gifts bought for one another or money exchanged
                  • Evidence of children you have had together (school records, or a birth certificate)

                  If you fail to provide enough supporting evidence, it is possible that your application will be refused.