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UK Spouse Visa Interview

The UK government recently announced an increase in the minimum income requirements from £18,600 to £38,700. This comes into effect in Spring 2024.  Get in touch with us now for up-to-date information on how this could impact you.The interview for a UK Spouse Visa, also known as a UK marriage visa, is part of the application process for a Partner/Spouse Visa done by married couples under the family immigration scheme.

To access the right information and guidance on UK Spouse Visa interviews, you can call us at 020 4502 8582 for immediate help and assistance with your Spouse Visa Application or visit our website.

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    Why You Can Be Invited To A Spouse Visa Interview?

    It is expedient to note that not everyone will be required to attend a UK Spouse Visa interview. You may only be required to attend a Spouse Visa interview if UKVI suspects your relationship with your UK-based partner is not genuine or a sham marriage. Suppose you are invited to a Spouse Visa interview, in that case, it may take place over the phone, via video call, or face to face appointment at a visa application centre (VAC) or a UK visas and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) office (if in the UK).

    Also, your Spouse Visa interview will be with a case officer from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), who will ask you questions to ensure that your relationship is genuine and that you are still in the relationship. The UK Spouse Visa interview is a critical stage of your UK Spouse Visa application and will ultimately determine whether or not it is granted.

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    UK Visa Interview Questions And Answers

    The UKVI Entry Clearance Officer will ask you a variety of marriage interview questions during your UK Spouse Visa interview process. The questioning can be categorised into two, which are immigration questions and relationship questions. Some of the questions asked on immigration status are as follow:

    • Your family history, background, and immigration status
    • The family background of your spouse and their immigration status
    • Is this the first time requesting a visa for the UK?
    • What is the cumulative minimum income for you and your partner?
    • Have you ever had a visa application to the UK or another country rejected?

    Having verified your immigration status, questions as regards your relationship with your spouse will be asked. Some of the frequently asked Spouse Visa interview questions are:

    • Your relationship’s background and how you met
    • Your place of residence
    • The agreements you and your spouse have made regarding your marriage or civil partnership
    • Future plans by you and your partner
    • When and where did you two first meet or your favourite hangout spot?
    • What does your partner do for a living, and what are your living arrangements?
    • What is your relationship history, including how much time you have spent together?
    • What language do you speak, and does your partner speak the same?
    • What are your hobbies together with your partner?
    • Have you been properly introduced to your spouse’s family and spose’s friends?
    • What can you say about your spouse’s family?
    • What are the names of the relatives of your spouse?
    • What religion do you and your spouse practice, and what qualities about your mate do you value?
    • What ties do you and your partner share, and why did you marry your partner?
    • Can you recall the proposal and how did it happen?

    However, this is only a sample of the questions you can be asked during any of your spouse’s visa application interviews. It is important to note that the questions you will be asked will be determined by your personal circumstances, your spouse’s circumstances, and the discretion of the officer.

    What Things You Should Bring With You When Coming To A UK Spouse Visa Interview?

    We advise you to bring as many supporting documents as you can to your interview. This enables you to verify any information to make sure you meet all standards. For immigration purposes, you will need to bring a copy of your visa application, your passport, and evidence of your spouse’s residency in the UK. Your marriage certificate and proof of cohabitation are also required to verify the authenticity of your marriage. Other necessary documents are as follows:

    • Information about any criminal convictions, as well as a cover letter and any other supporting document
    • Information about your UK residence that satisfies the spouse accommodation requirement
    • Bank statements, pay stubs, or any other documentation demonstrating that you satisfy the financial requirements for a Spouse Visa
    • Information about any kids that are also travelling to the UK
    • Information about the nations outside of the UK that you have resided in or visited
    • 6 months statement of account of you and your partner

    Additionally, you will need to provide proof of the sincerity of your relationship. Documents from the list below may be required:

    • Images of you and your spouse
    • Your history of text messages with your partner
    • Evidence of your travels together, such as train or aeroplane tickets, hotel reservations, and pictures
    • Bank statements of any joint account you have used, if any
    • Letters attesting to the validity of your marriage from your friends and family

    It’s imperative to bear in mind that the above list of documents to bring to your Spouse Visa interview is not exhaustive.

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    UK Spouse/Partner Visa Interview Tips

    As a Spouse Visa applicant, being aware of the situation and taking an organised approach when attending a Spouse Visa interview will help to avoid negative impressions and lead to a successful interview. Based on our experience, we have gathered visa interview tips that can help you in most interviews, and they include the following:

    • Arrive early for your interview. Arriving late to an interview will create a negative impression.
    • Do not forget to update your social media accounts to reflect your relationship status to aid your UK visa application.
    • Keep collecting evidence of your relationship until your spouse’s visa is approved.
    • Take all of your documents to your interview, including new evidence that proves you are a genuine couple, such as plane tickets, hotel bookings, holiday photographs, etc, and submit them when needed.
    • Dress formally, don’t feel nervous, and maintain appropriate eye contact during your interview.
    • As an applicant, you should rehearse your answers before the interview and not take too much time while answering the Immigration Officer’s questions.
    • Be straightforward and do not offer unnecessary information that will lead to suspicion and concerns when answering questions. The person in charge is only looking for clear and concise information.
    • If you need your visa decision to be made on time, apply for the priority visa service.

    Spouse UK Visas Financial Requirement

    It’s expedient to meet the financial requirements when applying for a Spouse Visa. The following are the requirements for a Spouse Visa in the United Kingdom:

    • To exceed the minimum income threshold, you must earn at least £18,600 as a couple (gross annual income).
    • If you’re applying with non-British children, you’ll need an extra £3,800 in annual income for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child to meet the minimum threshold.
    • This money can be derived from your and your partner’s earnings. This income can come from employment, self-employment, or business ownership.
    • Non-employment income, such as property rentals, investments, stocks, and shares, can also be used.
    • You can also use savings if they total more than £16,000, are combined with another source of income, and have been held by you or your partner for at least six months.
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      Spouse Visa Cost

      The following are the fees for applying for a Spouse Visa:

      • Visa fee: £1,048 from within the UK, £1,538 from outside the UK.
      • £150 for an English language test
      • Surcharge for Immigration Health: £1,560
      • Tuberculosis screening: £65-£110
      • Housing assessment: £80-£120

      Spouse Visa English Language Requirement

      You must also meet the UK Spouse Visa English language requirement to join your partner in the UK. You must pass an English language test in most cases. This is to demonstrate that you are proficient in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending English.

      Your test must be completed before you can submit your application. It is valid for two years after you pass it, after which you must retake it. The exam must be administered by a registered provider known as a Secure English Language Testing (SELT) provider.

      Exemptions Of Language Requirement Test

      You are exempt from taking the English language test if you meet the following criteria:

      • Are a national of a majority English-speaking country (like Australia, Canada, or the USA)
      • Are under the age of 18 or over the age of 65
      • Have a disability that prevents you from being able to take the test
      • Have a degree which was taught in English

      How Long Does Spouse Visa Processing Take?

      The processing time for the Spouse Visa application can range between 30 days and 6 months. Gathering evidence, filling out forms, and submitting your case can take weeks.

      When your application is received, UK Immigration will process it and determine whether you meet all of the requirements. Once the assessing official has decided on your case, they will contact you. The entire process can take some time, especially if your case is particularly complicated and/or you apply with dependent children. However, if you can opt for the priority service that allows decisions to be made in 48 hours.

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        Spouse Visa Refusal

        Visas under the Spouse and Partner categories are frequently denied because they are suspected of involving a fraudulent or a sham marriage. This usually occurs when couples are seen to be manipulating the genuine relationship requirement. Spouse Visa refusal is common when couples fail to provide sufficient evidence to prove their relationship is genuine.

        Other Reasons For Spouse Visa Refusal

        Below are some of the reasons:

        • Providing insufficient evidence to prove that your relationship is genuine
        • Providing too much/unbelievable evidence to prove the relationship is genuine (which is seen as manipulative)
        • Providing incorrect information
        • Failing to provide a housing report
        • Failing to provide proof of an English language test
        • Failing to meet the financial requirements
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        What Can You Do When Your Spouse Visa Is Rejected?

        If your Partner Visa application is denied, you can either appeal (if you have grounds) or reapply. You can present your case to an immigration judge to file an appeal. You may file an appeal if you believe the decision was genuinely unfair or if your visa was denied due to an error made by a legal representative.

        If you do not have grounds to appeal, such as if you make a mistake on your application or UKVI finds your application lacking evidence, you can file a new application instead. If there are no clear grounds, an immigration lawyer will usually recommend this over an appeal because it is often the faster and less expensive option. You can contact us at London Immigration Lawyers at 020 4502 8582 or visit our website to help with your appeal or file a new application.

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          How Can London Immigration Lawyers Help?

          Many people apply for the UK Spouse Visa, and while some of these applications are approved, many are denied because of mistakes that could have been avoided. If you want to get your spouse’s visa, you may run into problems if you don’t have enough information.

          London Immigration Lawyers are experienced legal advisors that can help if you need assistance with your spouse’s visa application by offering consultation services, working with you on the application, and guiding you through the procedures involved.

          To access the right information and guidance on UK Spouse Visa interviews, you can contact us at London Immigration lawyers at 020 4502 8582 or visit our website to talk with an experienced immigration solicitor.

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