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Where Can British Citizens Live and Work Without Visa?

The British Passport is among the world’s strongest passports allowing its owners to enter and temporarily reside in countless countries without a visa. However, since Brexit, the rights to unrestricted travel, work, and residence for UK citizens have been reduced.

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    The British Passport

    The British passport is the primary travel document for British nationals and other individuals who qualify for it, which holds much value and allows citizens to make international trips.

    In most cases, these individuals are allowed visa-free entry to different countries. At the same time, others might offer a visa-on-arrival to British Citizens.

    A visa-free entry or a visa-on-arrival makes travelling easier for British Passport holders. As of January 2023, owners of the British Passport can enter around 148 countries without a visa and can obtain a visa-on-arrival for 39 countries.

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    Pre- and Post-Brexit

    Previously, the UK was a part of the European Union, which allowed UK citizens to enjoy the same rights and benefits as the residents of the 27 countries that formed the EU.

    As a result, the citizens of the UK could easily live, work, and study in any country within the different EU countries without any restrictions or limitations. However, post-Brexit, the situation has changed significantly for UK nationals.

    On the 31st of January 2020, the UK decided to leave the European Union and become an independent nation with free-trade policies.

    While UK nationals are still safe in a shared border area for travel between Britain and Ireland, the number of countries where UK passport holders may still live and work without a visa has declined considerably.

    Regardless, there are still many countries where a British citizen can live post-Brexit without a visa and have access to numerous freedoms to live and work.

    Living and Working with a British Passport in Foreign Countries

    Travelling to foreign countries and moving abroad is relatively easy with a valid British Passport, as it is among the strongest passports in the world. Although it is convenient, travelling visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival comes with limitations.

    There are only a certain number of days people can live in another country with these visas, as these visas are primarily used for short-term visits and leisure purposes only. To live, work, or study in Europe, holders of British passports did not require a visa.

    Although you can now visit Europe (i.e. any EU country) for up to 90 days out of every 180, you still need a visa to live, work, study, or even volunteer in most countries of the EU.

    Working and living for a long duration in any foreign country requires specific visas, such as a residence permit or a work visa, and this is also true for British citizens. Therefore, knowing where British citizens can live and work without a visa is essential.

    If you need more assistance regarding where British citizens can live and work without a visa, keep reading this article for further information. To clear any doubts and get detailed advice from one of our legal experts, call us immediately on 020 4502 8582 or contact us through our social media channels or Skype.

    Visa Exempt Countries British Citizens Can Live in Without a Visa


    Apart from the United Kingdom itself, there are four other EU countries where British nationals can live and work without a visa even after Brexit. Still, they must possess a valid British passport. These include Belize, The Isle of Man, Gibraltar, the Common Travel Area, and Ireland.

    British citizens also have options outside of Europe in other countries to live for a particular duration without a visa, including Armenia, Canada, Georgia, and New Zealand, among many others. Details about each country are provided below.

    Countries within the European Union

    Live Visa Free in The Common Travel Area

    • This area comprises mutual land between the UK and Ireland under a long-standing agreement that dates back to 1922.
    • Individuals with a British passport can move quickly between the UK, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man.
    • British citizenship holders can also live and work in these regions visa-free or without any permission from the regulatory authorities.
    • Britishers with a valid passport might find it easiest to relocate to Ireland due to its close proximity.
    • As a result of the agreement between the UK and the EU, British and Irish citizens have the option to live, work, and study in either of the two countries without needing any visas or consequent extensions.
    • Additionally, British nationals living in Ireland can also access health care and social care benefits offered to Irish citizens.


    • As long as you possess a valid passport from the UK, you can live and work in Gibraltar for as long as you please, even after post-Brexit, with or without your family member/s.


    • Living in Belize visa-free with a British Passport is undoubtedly possible, but with a few additional rules. As per the recent updates issued by the UK government, British passport holders can enter Belize visa-free.
    • However, this permission extends for a period of one month only. After which, travellers will have to pay a monthly fee amounting to £82 in the local currency to get monthly extensions for each consequent month.
    • It is also worth mentioning that there are no direct flights running between the two countries, so travellers might have to pre-plan their route.
    • Belize might not offer a long-term visa-free stay, but because British residents can easily extend their stay without any hassle, they can definitely live there.
    • However, British Passport holders must apply for the relevant permit to study and work in Belize.
    • After living in Belize for five years, UK nationals may apply for an ILR (i.e. residence permit) to make a living and working stress-free in the country.

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      Other Foreign Countries Outside of the EU Member States

      Enter Visa Free to Armenia

      • Individuals with a UK passport can live in Armenia for up to six months (i.e. 180 calendar days) each year.
      • Living and working at a short-term job for the mentioned duration in Armenia should not be challenging for UK nationals.
      • However, after the 180-day period ends, they will have to apply for a relevant permit (i.e. permanent residency or work permit).
      • If British citizens wish to work remotely, they may do so without any issues.


      • British Citizens and their family members who possess valid British Passports can visit Paraguay without a visa.
      • They can live visa-free in the country for up to 90 days.
      • However, they cannot work in Paraguay as they are foreign nationals and will need to apply for a work permit or a residence permit to continue their stay and work in the country.

      Visa Free Travel to Canada

      • Canada is also a viable option for British citizens wishing to relocate to another country with their family members.
      • With a UK passport, one can enter Canada without a visa. But they will need to apply for an ETA online to get visa-free access to the country. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process.
      • With an ETA, a UK national should be able to live in Canada for 180 calendar days. After that, they must apply for a relevant permit to live and work in Canada.
      • British citizens can also apply for Canadian Immigration through the various immigration programs offered by the Canadian government to obtain a residence permit.

      For more information on how UK residents can migrate to foreign countries, contact our team of legal advisors today via email or Skype. You can also reach out for immediate response by calling 020 4502 8582.

      Live and Work with a Residence Permit in Georgia

      • British passport holders and their family members can enter Georgia visa-free and live there for a whole year (i.e. 365 days) without causing or facing any legal issues.
      • If one plans to stay in Georgia beyond the mentioned duration, one must apply for another visa with a long-term or residence permit.
      • Working and studying on a year-long visa might also be tricky as the Georgian government has particular work and student visas that all foreigners with an intention to work or study there must possess.
      • British citizens may choose to work remotely without any issues.

      New Zealand

      • Individuals with a full British citizen passport and their family members can enjoy a visa-free entrance to New Zealand ever since 31st July 2022.
      • However, travellers will need to acquire a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA), a document obtained electronically to make entry into the country seamless.
      • This document can be obtained through a dedicated mobile application at the cost of NZD 17, whereas, through the immigration website, it will cost you around NZD 23.
      • All applicants will also be subjected to an IVL, which is around NZD 35
      • It must be mentioned that this is a unique benefit offered to British passport holders for a duration of at least six months.
      • This is a sufficient duration for individuals to find a job to get a work permit or explore other ways in which they want to reside permanently in the country.
      • After the six-month grace period ends, UK citizens must apply for a relevant visa depending on the duration of their stay and their plans.
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      How Can London Immigration Lawyers Help?

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