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Immigration Lawyers in Tower Hamlets

If you require expert immigration advice in East London, our team of immigration solicitors in Tower Hamlets are here to help you. 

Speak to our client care advisors today on 020 4502 8582 to hear more about our unique services and packages. 


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    Immigration Lawyers in Tower Hamlets

    Where is the London Immigration Lawyers Tower Hamlets office?

    London Immigration Lawyers have offices stationed all across the capital – and beyond. However, if for whatever reason you can’t make it to our office in Tower Hamlets, East London, you can speak to one of our expert advisors over the phone or arrange a Skype/video call.  

     Why do I need an immigration lawyer in Tower Hamlets? 

    It is crucial to note that no matter if you plan on coming to the UK for a brief visit, to work, or to live permanently with loved ones and become a settled person, you will need to prove that you can meet the UK Government’s stringent immigration rules. 

    Each application made to the UK is checked over by UKVI with scrutiny. Even the tiniest discrepancy is likely to result in a visa refusal. Applicants can receive a rejection letter for providing an ‘overwhelming’ and suspicious amount of supporting evidence, while others can be refused for similarly providing too little.  

    Usually, a rejected claim will not result in a refund – and immigration fees can often be expensive. This makes the need for an immigration professional all the more pressing. By entrusting a legal advisor with your case, you eliminate any potential risks and maximise your chances of success.  

    Here at London Immigration Lawyers, our solicitors are well-versed, trained and OISC certified in all areas of immigration law. This includes but is not limited to asylum and refugee law, family immigration law and corporate immigration law. We can even help you with any emigration queries you may have as some of our lawyers specialise in international as well as domestic immigration law.  

    Contact our Tower Hamlets team of London Immigration Lawyers today to hear more about our custom-made packages and services on 020 4502 8582.

    How is London Immigration Lawyers any different from other immigration firms?  

    Our immigration lawyers in Tower Hamlets stand out from the crowd on the grounds of our years of experience in the field. All of our lawyers are specially trained and certified by the Government’s own guidelines (OISC) and between us, boast over 50 years of immigration experience.  

    Not only do we have positive, high results and a promising track record, but our services are custom-made to suit each clients’ individual needs. Whether you need general advice on your Spouse Visa, some professional eyes to check over your supporting documents, or a comprehensive, full application guidance for your Tier 2 Work Visa, London Immigration Lawyers has it covered. 

    For example, if you need general advice on the next steps in your visa application, once you speak to our client care team you will be matched with an immigration lawyer who specialises in your query. From there, you can choose to meet your lawyer either face-to-face alone, in a group session, or over the phone/via Skype. Either way, your session will be completely untimed, allowing you the breathing space and room to have all your burning questions fully addressed. However, even once you leave your advice session, you can still contact your lawyer again if you need further assistance.  

    If you wish to take your query to the next level with us, your immigration lawyer will even fill out your application and liaise with the Home Office on your behalf throughout the duration of your case. In the event that your application is refused, your London Immigration Lawyers solicitor will represent you at your Tribunal Hearing and will help you through every step of the appeals process.  

    What services does London Immigration Lawyers in Tower Hamlets provide? 

    Although each service is tailored to suit your individual circumstances, we have a plethora of package deals and services that you can choose from. 

    Our services include: 

    • A general, untimed advice session 
    • A full, comprehensive application package 
    • A brief yet thorough document-checking service 
    • A fast-track application service for urgent enquiries  
    • Appeal and judiciary support 

    During your case, your immigration lawyer at London Immigration Lawyers will liaise with the Home Office on your behalf and will send your application with a personal endorsement. This comes in the form of a Letter of Recommendation in which your immigration advisor will outline the merits of your case and your character to strengthen your case and thus the likelihood of a positive result. 

    Contact us today on 020 4502 8582 to hear just how we can help you. 

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