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Immigration Lawyers in Newham

Do you need an immigration lawyer in Newham? Our expert and OISC-trained immigration lawyers are here to help you, whether you need full application support or general advice. 

Contact our client care team today on 020 4502 8582 to hear more. 

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    How can London Immigration Lawyers in Newham help me?

    At London Immigration Lawyers, we provide a wide range of services to suit your needs. All of our packages are unique, custom-made and bespoke – maximising your chance of success and minimising the risk of a visa refusal.  

    To name just a few, our services include: 

    • Untimed and thorough advice sessions 
    • Comprehensive application support 
    • Document scanning, checking and portfolio building services 
    • Appeal support 
    • Administrative and judicial reviews  

    Our lawyers share over 50 years of immigration experience, meaning whichever service you opt for you can rest assured that your case is in the best-qualified hands.  

    Most people opt to begin with a general advice session in which your immigration lawyer in Newham will check that you meet the eligibility requirements for your UK visa and advise you on your next steps. Crucially, this appointment is untimed, meaning you will have all the time it takes to iron out any concerns or questions you may have about your application. 

    Second to the advice session is our application service. This service is most popular because your immigration lawyer at London Immigration Lawyers will ease the burden and stress of the hefty visa paperwork. Your lawyer will even fill your application on your behalf to the highest standard and submit a Letter of Recommendation to UKVI outlining the merits of your case and character.  

    Speak to our friendly client care team today to hear about our tailor-made packages and services and how we can help you on 020 4502 8582. 

    Where is your Newham London Immigration Lawyers office based?

    If for whatever reason you cannot make it to our Newham office in London, we, fortunately, have offices stationed all across the capital. In addition, our lawyers are trained in both domestic and international immigration law. 

    However, if you still cannot arrange a face-to-face appointment with one of our immigration lawyers, you can choose to speak to your solicitor over the phone or even via Skype. If your immigration query involves other people who live overseas, we can arrange a multi-way Skype call, so you will not miss any of the advice we have to offer. 

    Wherever you are based in the world, London Immigration Lawyers is here to help.  

    Can your immigration lawyers in Newham help me with my UK Work Visa application? 

    If you need a UK Work Visa – otherwise known as a Tier 2 Visa or Skilled Worker Visa – London Immigration Lawyers is here to help. 

    We are well versed in all areas of corporate and business immigration law. We help people achieve their dreams and come to work in the UK every day. We even help businesses and franchises secure their Sponsor Licence so that they can hire talent from abroad. 

    If you want to work in the UK and wish to apply for a Work Visa, one of our expert and OISC-certified immigration lawyers will work closely with you to assess your eligibility. The UK Work Visa is one of many that is featured in the UK’s points-based-system, meaning you will need to score a certain amount of points in order to be successful. Your immigration lawyer will help you achieve all the points necessary. 

    You can score points by: 

    • Obtaining a job offer from a UK-based company that has a Sponsor Licence 
    • Submitting your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to the Home Office as proof of your job offer 
    • Being offered a job with a certain salary (usually £30,000 but this can be subject to change depending on your skills and other factors) 
    • Speaking English and meeting the English language requirements  
    • Pass the ‘genuine vacancy test’ 
    • Demonstrating you have significant maintenance savings so that you will not need public funds when in the UK 

    Your immigration lawyer will assist you in meeting the above recommendations and will even liaise with the Home Office on your behalf.  

    Can your Immigration Lawyers in Newham help with my UK Fiance Visa application? 

    We can absolutely help you with your Fiance Visa application. In fact, all our lawyers are trained in all areas of family immigration law and can help you make the switch from a Fiance Visa onto a UK Spouse Visa once you have married in the UK. 

    It is important to note that the Unmarried Partner VisaFiancee Visa and Spouse Visa are some of the most notoriously difficult visas to obtain. This is because you must convince the Home Office and UKVI decision-maker that you are in a genuine relationship with a British citizen or someone who has settled status in the UK. This is known as the ‘genuine relationship test’ and decisions often fall into the hands of the decision-maker who combs through your portfolio of evidence with scrutiny. 

    Generally speaking, you must provide evidence that: 

    • You are 18 or over  
    • You intend on marrying your partner in the UK 
    • You are in a genuine and long-lasting relationship with photographic evidence which may also include evidence of buying each other gifts, meeting up, texts and emails that prove you are in a loving relationship  
    • You meet the financial requirements which include having a certain amount of savings to ensure you will not need public funds when in the UK 

    As such, your immigration lawyer in Newham will help you build a compelling portfolio of evidence to support your Fiance Visa application. Once you have been accepted, you then have six months to marry in the UK from which you can then switch your visa permission onto the UK Spouse Visa. You must ensure that you continue to meet the requirements when you come to submit your Spouse Visa application, which your immigration lawyer can help you with. 

    Speak to our client care team today to arrange an appointment with a specialist immigration advisor and see how we can help you secure your UK Fiance Visa on 020 4502 8582.

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