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Immigration Lawyers in Brent

If you require expert immigration advice and you’re located in Brent, London Immigration Lawyers are here to help you.  

Contact our client care team today on 020 4502 8582 for immediate guidance and support, no matter your immigration query.  

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    How can your Immigration Lawyers in Brent help me?

    The UK immigration rules can be fraught with legal jargon and complications. It can take considerable time compiling your application as you will need a plethora of supporting documents to support your visa claim – whether you are seeking a Work Visa or a Spouse Visa 

    Our expert team of immigration lawyers in Brent are fully equipped to help you with your application and are all fully OISC certified. We can either take full responsibility of your case, assisting you from start to finish, or give general advice. As such, our services are tailored to suit your individual needs and personal circumstances. 

    Our comprehensive Application Package is the most popular. Here, you will be assigned your personal immigration lawyer who matches your needs and who will take ownership of your application. For example, if you are seeking a Spouse or Partner Visa, our client care team will match you with a London Immigration Lawyer who specialises in family immigration law.  

    Once you have met your lawyer, either face-to-face, over the phone or via video chat, your lawyer will inform you of your next steps. He or she will instruct you on what documents you may need to support your claim and will even fill in your application for you. Each application that is sent off by us will be accompanied by a Letter of Recommendation, which supports the merits of your case and character. 

    The guidance of a legal expert can make all the difference. Applicants who attempt to fulfil the Home Office’s requirements without professional help can often fall foul of the application through no fault of their own. However, failed applicants do not gain entry into the UK and do not receive a refund from the Home Office. For this reason, it is always best practice to speak to a legal professional before sending a visa or status application. 

    Can a Brent immigration lawyer help me hire overseas talent for my business?  

    If you own a UK business or enterprise, it is of utmost importance you apply for a Sponsor Licence if you wish to hire any overseas talent. Although for now, you will only need a Sponsor Licence for recruiting non-EEA talent, once the post-Brexit immigration rules are enforced come January 2021, you will need a Licence that allows you to hire EU and non-EEA workers. Failure to secure a licence may incur penalties if not prison time as the UK Government may decide you have acted illegally by hiring foreign workers. 

    There are different tiers and levels in the Sponsor Licence application process, and each ‘type’ increases in cost. However, not only can the process be costly, but the application itself can be time-consuming and difficult. You may need to arrange an inspection by a Home Office official to verify that your workplace is safe and within the legal requirements to hire from overseas. 

    Our lawyers in Brent are all-too-familiar with the Sponsorship Licence application process. We have experts on hand who specialise in business immigration law who can help you throughout this process, even prepping you for the Home Office’s interview and rigorous test. We can even help you renew your Sponsor Licence when the time comes again.  

    Does London Immigration Lawyers assist with Settlement applications? 

    At London Immigration Lawyers, our team of immigration advisors and specialists are here to help you from the minute you step foot in the UK. 

    Gaining status in the UK is often a long, but rewarding journey. For example, you may initially enter the UK under a Work Visa but wish to become a permanent resident after a couple of years in the country. The first step you must take towards residency is to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).  

    Throughout your immigration journey, your personally assigned immigration lawyer will be on hand. We can help you gather your supporting evidence towards your ILR application which may include documents such as your utility bills over the past five years or employment records. If you wish to seek ILR, it is best to speak to an immigration lawyer at your earliest convenience as the rules dictate you must not have left the UK for a period amassing more than 180 days. Many applicants trip up in this requirement, and subsequently are refused ILR status.  

    Your London immigration lawyer in Brent will help you compile evidence towards your ILR application. After at least 12 months of living in the UK under this form of status, you can then take the necessary steps towards applying for British Citizenship 

    Our expert immigration lawyers are well versed in all areas of immigration settlement law. We can help you throughout your time in the UK until you apply for citizenship, and can even help you to prepare for the Life in the UK test which is compulsory in your citizenship application. 

    How to meet our immigration lawyer in Brent 

    If for whatever reason our Brent branch of London Immigration Lawyers is too far for you, or you cannot meet your immigration lawyer in person, there are plenty of other options available. 

    London Immigration Lawyers has offices stationed all across the capital. However, if you prefer, you can opt to meet your lawyer via video call such as Skype. You may also wish to speak over the phone. Either way, the standard of advice you receive will not be compromised. In fact, London Immigration Lawyers offer an untimed advice session, meaning you do not need to worry about leaving your session with burning questions. In addition, you can contact us again if you have other queries or questions that you wish to ask your immigration lawyer.  

    What other services do London Immigration Lawyers in Brent offer? 

    Our services cover all areas of immigration and asylum law. Whether you are wishing to work in the UK, hire overseas talent, gain permanent status or join family members in the UK, we are here to help you. 

    Contact us today on 020 4502 8582 to learn more about our services. 

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