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Immigration Lawyers in Bexley

Are you looking for the help of an immigration solicitor in Bexley? If so, our team of experts can help you.

Get in touch with our client care team today on 020 4502 8582 for immediate help and assistance. Our lawyers can speak to you face-to-face, over the phone, or via Skype. 

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    How can immigration solicitors in Bexley help me?

    If you are making any kind of application under UK visa or nationality law, having legal help can greatly improve your chances of success. This is because a lawyer can offer you insight into how immigration laws and application processes work. They can also decipher jargon on your behalf, which means you do not miss any instructions in your application guidance and when submitting an application to the UKVI, Home Office, or embassy.

    No matter what your enquiry is about, our lawyers can assist you. We offer advice, application, and appeal services to suit a range of needs and circumstances. Whether you are applying for a UK visa, extending your stay or settling in the UK, or even making an application of full British citizenship, our Bexley immigration lawyers are equipped to offer you the best possible chances of a successful outcome.

    The help of a legal professional can mean the difference between you moving to the UK or having to wait another six months for a fresh application. It can also save you significant costs in the long run; if your application is rejected due to an error, ineligibility, or insufficient supporting evidence you will not receive a refund from the Home Office.

    Can a Bexley immigration lawyer help me visit the UK?

    Our immigration lawyers are experienced in making a variety of Visit Visa applications on behalf of clients.

    Whether you are visiting family, making a short business trip, or visiting for medical purposes, our team can easily assist you. As part of our Visitor Visa package, we will pair you with an immigration lawyer in Bexley or London who is experienced in assisting clients with similar entry clearance applications.

    This lawyer will work with you to:

    • Assess your purpose for visiting and advise you on which application to submit based on this
    • Help you source, gather and organise all your supporting documentation
    • Ensure that your ‘reason to return’ is clearly indicated and proved in your application
    • Complete and submit your Standard Visitor Visa, Business Visitor, or Student Visitor form on your behalf
    • Write an in-depth Letter of Representation to be submitted in support of your application bundle
    • Liaise with the Home Office and tell you the results of your Visit Visa application once a decision has been reached

    How do I find a good immigration lawyer in Bexley?

    There are different things you should look for if you want to find a good, or even the best, immigration lawyers Bexley and London have to offer.

    First, you should look for someone who is properly qualified. To legally practice as an immigration lawyer, a person must either have passed the Bar, or they must be regulated by the OISC.

    Our entire team of caseworkers and lawyers are OISC-qualified to at least Level 1.

    Second, you should look for a lawyer who is experienced when making your decision about who you would like to instruct. Between them, our UK immigration lawyers have decades-worth of experience under their belts. They have assisted clients with a range of application types under various categories of family, immigration, asylum, corporate, and nationality law with successful outcomes.

    Our lawyers are very well-versed in all areas of immigration law. In the past, our caseworkers have assisted clients with:

    How can one of your team help me if I want to know my options?

    An immigration solicitor in Bexley can advise you, even if you at the stage where you simply want to know your options.

    Our immigration lawyers in London are experienced in advising clients who want to know what options they have in coming to the UK.

    A member of our team can work with you to assess your circumstances and find out what you are eligible for and which immigration route may best suit you and your aims. For example, if you want to work in the UK but you are ensure what steps you must take to do so, your lawyer will outline all of your different Work Visa options in an untimed session with you. These might include permanent and temporary Work Visa cetegories. Your lawyer will offer you guidance on any that are applicable to your aims, and advise you on the requirements you need to meet for each category. If you are not eligible for any specific category, your lawyer can advise you on what steps you need to take in order to become eligible. They will give you a chance to digest their advice and ask questions about any of the routes they outlined. They will also advise you on your next steps and the most advisable route(s) for you.

    Once the advice session has finished, you will be emailed a document that details the options and requirements outlined by your lawyer in the session. You will also have a chance to ask any follow-up questions if you have any.

    Call us on 020 4502 8582 or leave an enquiry using the contact form to find out more about how we can help you if you want to find out about your personal immigration options.

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