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How Long Does a Certificate of Sponsorship Take to Issue?

A Certificate of Sponsorship is an essential electronic document for skilled workers outside the UK. If you need guidance on submitting a sponsor licence application to issue Certificates of Sponsorship, please contact us.

For more information about the Certificate of Sponsorship, get in touch on 020 4502 8582 or contact us online for immediate assistance.

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    What is a Certificate of Sponsorship?

    A Certificate of Sponsorship or COS is an electronic certificate that is required to be issued to any migrant worker who intends to submit an application via a relevant worker route.

    Applicants who want to follow the skilled worker path are unable to register their visa or get permission without first obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship. This is because the application form requires a specific reference number to be submitted.

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    Certificate of Sponsorship Processing Time

    For visa applications in the Worker and Temporary Worker categories, one of the requirements is to have a valid sponsor licence granted to you. This is an important component of the visa application process. Before the Home Office considers granting a visa, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they have a work offer from a company that has been authorised to do business in the United Kingdom.

    The employer verifies to the Home Office that the intended job circumstances fit with the criteria of the relevant visa application route when they provide a Certificate of Sponsorship to a particular applicant.

    In most cases, the approval process for a Certificate of Sponsorship takes around one working day to complete. However, this time frame may be extended if the Home Office requests additional clarification of the information that has been submitted.

    After being authorised, the certificate will be made available in the employer’s Sponsor Management System (SMS) account, where it will be given to the skilled worker who has been designated. It is necessary for an employer to be in possession of a sponsor licence in order to be able to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship. This licence grants the business permission to lawfully recruit skilled migrant employees once the workers have submitted an application for a visa.

    How to Obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship?

    Sponsorship Licence to Issue COS

    To be eligible for a Certificate of Sponsorship, employers must have a valid Sponsor Licence and access to SMS or the. A COS can only be issued by someone with SMS access at Level 1 or Level 2.

    The sponsor’s designated Level 1 or Level 2 client should enter the required role information into the SMS, and a unique reference number of the COS will be assigned.

    New Certificate Can Be Allocated up to 3 Months

    Certificates of Sponsorship can be allocated up to three months before the start date of the migration. Once accepted, defined certificates will show in the SMS account, which the company can immediately allocate to the worker.

    Sponsorship certificates are not transferable. Reallocating the COS to another person would be a violation of your sponsor licence requirements, subjecting the organisation to Home Office disciplinary action. If you need professional guidance to obtain COS, you can contact us for further information on 020 4502 8582.

    How to Avoid Delays When Issuing COS?

    There has been a significant increase in the number of defined COS requests that took longer to approve than the typical one working day limit. We offer a few suggestions to help you avoid delays:

    • Check the information submitted carefully. When completing the pertinent information on your application, it is crucial to be as accurate as possible.
    • Prepare to be asked for additional information. After submitting a request through SMS, the Home Office will analyse it and may seek additional information on the job indicated in the application.
    • Respond within the timeframe provided. If the Home Office requests further information, they will notify you of the deadline.

    Although petitions are normally decided within a day, delays are possible, and further information requests are common.

    Certificate of Sponsorship Cost

    The employer is required to pay a charge for every Certificate of Sponsorship that a sponsor issues to a migrant worker. The specific sum you will have to pay will be determined by the type of sponsor licence you submit. If you qualify as a small business, you can consider paying a licence application cost of £536. The total sponsor licence charge needed to apply for a worker sponsor licence as a medium or large sponsor is £1,476.

    The cost to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship to a skilled worker is £199. In the situation that the immigrant desires to apply as a temporary worker or an international sportsperson (for a period of up to 12 months), the fee is £21.

    Certificate of Sponsorship is free for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

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      How to Assign a CoS?

      The SMS system is a web-based program that enables an employer in the UK to provide a Certificate of Sponsorship to a prospective employee in order to make it possible for the worker to submit an application for a visa to the UK. The process of assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship is now much simpler using the SMS system.

      The procedures that must be followed in order to allocate a COS change are based on the particular type of COS that must be assigned. In order to log in to the SMS account of the organisation and attentively follow the instructions, the Level 1 user of the organisation is required to do so before any form of COS may be assigned.

      When it comes to issuing the Certificate of Sponsorship, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Any mistakes can lead to the worker’s visa application being denied, as well as enforcement action being taken by the Home Office against the employer in the form of a sponsor licence suspension, downgrade, or even revocation. Assigning a COS can be easier with the presence of a lawyer to help you. Call our professional team on 020 4502 8582.

      Two Types of Certificate of Sponsorship

      Defined COS

      There are defined and undefined COS. Foreign candidates for a Skilled Worker Visa are awarded “defined certificates of sponsorship” (previously “restricted certificates”). After receiving their sponsor licence, companies may then apply for the certificates of sponsorship using the SMS system.

      Undefined COS

      Skilled worker visa candidates currently in the UK and candidates for other visa categories need undefined COS (formerly known as “unrestricted certificates”) to be hired.

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      The Annual Certificate of Sponsorship Allocation

      Estimate the number of Undefined COS You Need for A Year

      Because of your annual allocation, there will be a limit on the total number of certifications that may be issued in a given year. The Home Office will ask UK employers to provide an estimate of the number of undefined COS you will require during your first year as a sponsor when you make your first application for a sponsor licence.

      As a sponsor licence holder, you will be required to explain the quantity you estimate you will need as part of this procedure. If your request is granted, the number of certificates of sponsorship will be allocated to you for the first year.

      CoS Year

      The annual COS allocation (COS Year) continues for 12 months from the day your sponsor licence was issued or from the date your most recent renewal application was approved.

      When applying for the licence, you will be required to provide an estimate and a request for the number of undefined certificates that you expect to employ throughout the course of the next year.

      If You Spend All Your COS Before 12 Months

      In the event that your application is accepted, the Home Office will assign the COS to your SMS. These must be utilised within the allotted time frame of one year. If you use up all of the COS that was allocated to you, you have the option to make a request for more.

      Sponsors can request an increase in their COS allocation by submitting a request via the SMS system. A reason must be stated when requesting an allocation increase. The result of a request for an in-year allocation increase may take up to 18 weeks unless priority services are requested.

      Find out how we can assist with your CoS application. Contact us

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        How Can London Immigration Lawyers Help?

        Issuing Certificates of Sponsorship can be a complicated task to do, especially as detailed information is needed. When the Home Office requires further information, issuing COS may take more than one business day. Any delays in obtaining your authorised certificate to your SMS account will impact on how soon you can assign it to the worker and, as a result, how soon they are able to submit their visa application.

        There are several aspects to consider when issuing the Certificate of Sponsorship, and any errors might result in the worker’s visa application being refused.

        London Immigration Lawyer is here to help with any queries you have about the Certificate of Sponsorship, or more specifically, how long COS takes to issue, how to avoid delays, and what information you must provide to obtain the certificates. If you need any help with sponsorship services, our specialist solicitors are just a phone call away.

        Contact us on 020 4502 8582 or online to get help with the Certificate of Sponsorship.

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