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British government announces increase in passport application fees starting February

Passport prices are set to rise from next month as the Government announces fee changes for new applicants as well as renewals.

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    Passport fees increased for first time in 5 years 

    From February 2nd, people applying for or renewing a British passport will have to pay more for their travel documents. It is the first time in five years the price of a passport has increased.

    According to the Government, the changes are required to fund ongoing improvements in the services offered to the public such as consular support overseas and the cost of processing British citizens at UK borders.

    Hand holding a British Passport


    Details of proposed price increases

    It was also confirmed the Government does not make any profit from processing passport applications.

    Under the proposed changes a standard online application made within the UK will increase to £85.20 from £75.50 for adults and from £49 to £53.50 for children.

    Anyone applying for a passport via the postal system will also see an increase – from £85 to £93 for adults and from £58.50 to £64 for children.

    There is also set to be changes to the passport Priority Fees structure – although exact details of these changes have not yet been revealed.

    Rise in passport applications following pandemic 

    The changes are yet to be subjected to Parliamentary scrutiny, but it is likely the increases will be backed by politicians.

    In 2022, the HM Passport Office reported a strong rise in applications following the lifting of Covid-19 international travel restrictions. It was estimated there was a 36 per cent growth in demand which led to many people facing delays in receiving their passport due to severe processing backlogs.

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    British Eligibility for a Passport 

    You must hold British citizenship in order to make a successful British passport application. There are a number of ways to gain naturalisation status and obtain British nationality.

    In order to make an application for British citizenship you need to have met the following UK immigration rules:-

    • Been resident in the UK for at least six years.
    • Meet the residence requirements, including a valid explanation of any absences from the UK.
    • During your time in the country, you must have been working, self-employed, or studying on a student visa.
    • Pass a Life in the UK Test and  a valid English Language Test or provide evidence of appropriate language skills.
    • Meet the good standing character requirement for British citizenship. This means having a clear criminal history or been declared bankrupt.

    However, being a British citizen does not mean you will be automatically be issued a first British passport. A British passport can also be cancelled or withdrawn by the government at any time.

    How long does the British Passport application process take?

    Current Home Office estimates suggest it can take around 10 weeks for passport applications to be processed but this can vary depending on and where you are applying from.

    It is advisable not to make or book travel arrangements before receiving your passport.

    There are a number of priority services that can speed up processing times. However, these are only available for an additional fee and are not an option if you are applying for a first time adult passport.