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Bringing your partner to the UK from the Philippines

If you are looking to bring your partner to the UK from the Philippines then you will need to apply for an appropriate visa.

We are a team of specialist UK immigration lawyers based in London and we are ready to help you with your immigration issues.

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    Visa options for bringing your partner to the UK

    Depending on your current relationship status there are a number of visa routes available to allow your Filipino fiancé or Filipino spouse to settle in the UK and become a British citizen. The main options are:

    There are slightly different requirements for the UK visas and you should seek advice on which route best suits your situation.

    Dependent visa

    Applying for a UK Fiancé visa

    If you are a British citizen of a settled person in the UK then you can apply for your partner to join you. The fiancé visa will allow your partner to stay in the UK for six months—during which time you are expected to get legally married or enter a civil partnership. In the event of exceptional circumstances that prevent you and your partner from getting married within 6 months it may be possible to apply for a Fiancé visa extension, however, these are rarely approved.

    This route does not allow your Filipino national partner to study or work during their stay but once you have a marriage certificate then it is possible for your civil partner to apply to change their status.

    Timescale and cost of a UK fiancé visa

    The Home Office usually takes around three months to process a Fiancé visa application form. To avoid unnecessary delays it can be helpful to seek professional advice from an immigration lawyer to ensure you complete the initial application correctly.

    In terms of cost, if you are applying within the UK then the application will cost £1,048, while from overseas it costs £1,538.


    Eligibility for a UK Fiancé visa application

    To be a British sponsor you must be a naturalised citizen or settled in the UK on Indefinite Leave to Remain status. In addition, you must also be living in the UK at the time of application or entering the UK with your fiancé, as well as planning to live together in the UK. You must also meet the financial support maintenance condition and have a minimum annual income of £18,600 per year.

    Your Filipino fiancé will need to meet the following criteria to qualify for the UK visa:

    • You and your partner must have met each other in person at least once before the date of your application
    • You must be planning to get married within six months
    • They must be able to support themselves and any dependant children financially without accessing public funds
    • Access to adequate accommodation in the UK
    • They must pass an accredited English language test, or provide a valid certificate to demonstrate they meet the English language requirements.
    • Your partner must also be tested for tuberculosis (TB) before coming to the UK

    Do you need help applying for a UK spouse visa? Our lawyers can assist you. Get in touch

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      Applying for a UK spouse visa for your Filipino partner

      If you are already married to your partner from the Philippines then you can apply for them to join you in the UK via the UK spouse visa.

      This UK visa is also called a UK Marriage Visa and initially allows you and your Filipino partner to live together for 30 months in the UK – although there are options to further extend the visa to grant Indefinite Leave to Remain, settled status and British citizenship.

      Once granted a UK spouse visa allows your partner to work and study in the UK – although they are not permitted to claim benefits.

      Eligibility for a UK spouse visa application

      Your partner from the Philippines must meet the following criteria to apply for a UK visa:

      • Be at least 18 years old
      • Married or in a civil partnership that is recognised by the UK – a Filipino marriage certificate does qualify as evidence.
      • Married to a British citizen or UK settled person
      • You must have both been living together in a relationship for the past 2 years and have evidence of a genuine relationship to support this
      • Pass the Genuine Relationship Test
      • Meet the minimum income threshold and the financial requirement with evidence such as bank statements
      • Demonstrate their knowledge of the English language to British embassy requirements by passing a English language test
      • Have proof of suitable accommodation for themselves and any other dependents
      • Pass a medical test to proof they don’t have Tuberculosis with a valid TB test certificate


      What are the UK Spouse Visa financial requirements?

      In order for the UK spouse visa to be granted, you will need to prove that you and your partner met the financial requirement set out by the Home Office. As the UK sponsor, you will need to have an income of at least £18.600 per year if just your Filipino partner is coming to the UK.

      If you have one dependent child, you will need an income of £22,400 before tax and for any other dependent children, you will need an additional £2,400 for each subsequent child.

      If you don’t meet the financial requirement it does not mean an automatic refusal as the immigration rules do allow for exceptions. If you are unsure then you should seek advice before completing the online application for a spouse visa.

      What is the ‘Genuine Relationship Test’?

      Part of the application process of being granted a UK spouse visa is is passing the Genuine Relationship Test to prove you and your partner have a real relationship.

      The Home Office will accept a wide range of documentation and evidence as part of this process including:

      • Birth certificates of children you have together
      • Shared bank account
      • Photographs taken during your relationship
      • Joint mortgage or tenancy agreement
      • Letters, text messages or social media conversations that show the length of your relationship


      Timescale and cost of a UK spouse visa

      The current cost for the Home Office to process a UK spouse visa application is £1,538 if you are applying outside the UK and £1,048 if you are applying inside the UK.

      A UK spouse visa takes around 24 weeks to process, once you partner has attended their appointment at the visa application centre.

      Applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain for your partner from the Philippines

      The next step towards British citizenship for your Filipino wife or husband is to apply for ILR. The initial time period for a spouse visa is two and a half years but this can be extended for a further 30 months assuming you both still meet the criteria for the UK visa. At the end of this time, it is then possible to apply for ILR. Once granted ILR status your partner is able to live in the UK free from immigration restrictions and without any time limits to their stay in the UK.

      How can London Immigration Lawyers help?

      Our team of experienced London immigration lawyers understand the immense importance of securing Indefinite Leave to Remain. It is a pivotal step in the journey towards British citizenship, and we can guide you every step of the process. Luckily, our immigration lawyers are here to help.

      Our immigration lawyers offer a fast-track application service that will make sure your Skilled Work Dependent Visa application is completed and submitted quickly. Our lawyers can work around the clock to ensure that your deadline is met. They can fill in the application form on your behalf and help you to gather all of the documents that you will require.

      For more information about the Visa application process, or how we can help you to apply, get in touch today on 020 4502 8582.

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