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Bringing dependents to the UK on a skilled worker visa

The Skilled Worker Visa (previously knows as a Tier-2 visa) may allow Skilled Worker dependent partners and Skilled Worker dependent children to leave in the UK.

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    What is a UK Skilled Worker dependent visa and who can apply?

    Dependent family members of a Tier 2 Skilled Worker visa holder who wish to come to the UK will need to apply for a UK Skilled worker dependent visa. Eligible family members may include:

    • spouse, civil partner, or unmarried partner
    • children under the age of 18 – this includes children who were born in the UK during the Skilled Workers (tier 2) visa holder’s period in the country
    • children over the age of 18 if currently in the UK and dependent on the Skilled Worker (tier 2) visa holder

    There are also further requirements for both dependent partner and dependent children who wish to qualify for the dependent visa.

    Dependent visa

    Skilled Worker dependent partners

    All partners must be aged at least 18 at the time of application and the partner and skilled worker (tier 2 visa holder) must be married or in a civil partnership. The couple must have lived together for at least two years before making the dependent visa application. There are exceptions to this if the applicant can provide evidence that had to live separately due to work or caring obligations.

    In order to satisfy the Home Office, the prospective Skilled Worker dependent visa holder must show there are in a genuine relationship with the Skilled Worker (tier 2) and that during the UK they will live together. If the immigration service has concerns it could request applicants to attend an interview at a visa application centre as part of ensuring immigration rules are met.

    Skilled Worker dependent children

    All children making an application for a skilled worker dependent visa must be under the age of 18 when making an application to be legally recognised as a valid dependent. If they are aged over 16, then they must satisfy dependent visas requirements that they are not living an independent life so they must be not be financially independent, living in a different household to the main visa applicant or married or in a civil partnership.

    In addition, the child’s other parent must already have a valid visa or suitable UK visa that allows them to remain in the UK – they must not be on a visitor visa. There are some exceptions to this eligibility criteria:

    • The Skilled Worker is the only surviving parent; or
    • The other parent is British citizen or has Indefinite Leave to remain and is resident in the UK
    • The Skilled Worker has sole responsibility for the dependent child
    • There are serious and compelling reasons in favour of granting the child permission leave to remain in the UK.

    The Skilled Worker visa must also show that the family member will have suitable accommodation arrangements in place during their stay in the UK. The same criteria must be met for any other dependent child.


    Requirements for Skilled worker dependent visa

    Applicants for the skilled worker dependent visa must also meet a number of requirements to qualify for the UK visa and be able to demonstrate this at the time of their dependent visa application. These immigration rules include the following eligibility criteria:

    • intending to live in the UK with their UK sponsor
    • meeting the relationship requirements
    • the Skilled Worker visa holder must have some time remaining on their UK visa
    • have suitable accommodation in the UK

    Applicants for the dependent visa must also have evidence of money support themselves while inside the UK. Relevant UK legislation details this financial obligation as

    • £285 – for a partner
    • £315 – for one child
    • £200 – for each additional child

    If the main visa applicant is applying at the same time as the dependent applicant, then they will need to demonstrate they have access to a further in £1,270 maintenance funds in order to ensure their Skilled Worker visa is granted.

    Documents required to support Skilled Workers Dependents visa

    A number of documents are required as part of the application for a Skilled Worker dependent visa. These include:

    • Form of ID such as a passport
    • Evidence that the main applicant is a skilled worker visa holder at the time of application
    • Proof of a relationship between the dependent at the main applicant visa holder
    • Evidence of sufficient support funds – this can include a bank statement of the main applicant

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      Applying for a Skilled Worker dependent visa

      It is possible to make an application for a Skilled Worker dependent visa while living overseas or living in the UK. However, there is a slightly different process depending on location.

      If applying for a Skilled Worker dependent visa from outside the UK, then you need to:

      • Complete the online application form for a partner1 or a child2. Each family member will need to submit a separate application and include the Skilled Worker visa holder’s Global Web Form (GWF) or a Unique Application Number (UAN). This enables the application to link together applications.
      • Pay the application fee, this includes the cost of the application itself, as well as biometric fees or any other costs.
      • Arrange biometric appointment at a local visa application centre to have fingerprints recorded and a photograph taken.

      For those applying from inside the UK then the following steps need to be undertaken:

      • Apply online either extend or move to a Skilled Worker visa as a dependent partner3 or as a dependent child4. Each application should include the main visa holder’s Global Web Form (GWF) or a Unique Application Number (UAN) to help all family members’ details to be processed together.
      • Pay all relevant costs associated with the visa application.
      • Book a biometric appointment at a local UKVCAS centre to have fingerprints and photograph taken – this may not be required of all applicants.

      What is the timescale for the Skilled Worker dependent visa?

      Typically, the application process overseas takes around 3 weeks to be completed once the biometric information has been submitted, while visa applications made within the UK can take up to 8 weeks before an official letter is sent confirming the dependent visa.

      For those who wish to speed up the application process there is a priority service available for an additional cost of £500 – this allows a decision to made within 5 days. There is also a super-priority with a fee of £800 that grants a decision within 1 day.


      How much does the Skilled worker dependent visa cost?

      The application fee depends on how long you apply to stay in the UK, how many dependent visa holders and whether the application is being made from overseas or from the UK.

      Applications outside the UK per applicant

      • Up to 3 years = £610
      • Over 3 years = £1,220

      Applications inside the UK per application

      • Up to 3 years = £704
      • Over 3 years = £1,408

      There are some reductions on the above fees if the main visa holder has a job which is classed as in high demand. In this case, the fees would be reduced to £464 for up to 3 years and £928 for over 3 years.

      Those holding a skilled worker dependent visa also need to pay the annual Immigration Health Surcharge. Costing £624 for an adult and £470 for a child, this allows dependents to access the NHS.

      What restrictions are there on the Skilled Worker dependents visa?

      Skilled Worker dependent visas do allow holders to work while in the UK and there are few restrictions so their employment opportunities are the same as a domestic worker. Skilled worker dependent visa holders are also able to study in the UK and access the NHS.

      However, immigration rules state that they can not access public funds such as benefits during their stay in the UK.

      Route from Skilled Worker dependent visa to ILR?

      In many cases, dependents of Skilled Workers are apply to apply for ILR once they have lived in the country for at least 5 years. They must also fulfill the standard criteria for becoming a UK citizen. This includes meeting the English Language requirements and passing the Life in the UK test.


      How can London Immigration Lawyers help?

      Our team of experienced London immigration lawyers understand the immense importance of securing Indefinite Leave to Remain. It is a pivotal step in the journey towards British citizenship, and we can guide you every step of the process. Luckily, our immigration lawyers are here to help.

      Our immigration lawyers offer a fast-track application service that will make sure your Skilled Work Dependent Visa application is completed and submitted quickly. Our lawyers can work around the clock to ensure that your deadline is met. They can fill in the application form on your behalf and help you to gather all of the documents that you will require.

      For more information about the Visa application process, or how we can help you to apply, get in touch today on 020 4502 8582.

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